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We help businesses to make better decisions, faster. Our digital twins and  predictive simulation models are applied to a range of decision-making scenarios including developing new facilities in the UK and overseas; improving the performance of existing processes, and introducing new products into existing processes.

We bring your business plans to life using a process-flow simulation so you can watch your new process operate before it is built. The simulation is configured to model hundreds of different options for sizing and operating your process. When the simulation is played it predicts throughput rate, efficiency, time-in-system and work-in-progress. The best performing options are found by comparing predicted performance.

Simulation models are extremely accurate and provide compelling evidence that the proposed solution will work in the real world. This helps get everybody on board because the team debate is based on information, not simply opinion.

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We use predictive simulation to model the real-life dynamic interactions between different parts of the business process.

At the heart of every project is a bespoke generic process simulation that can be quickly adapted to model many operational scenarios. The model can be viewed as an animation so you can watch each design operate. Results from hundreds of scenarios are then compared and ranked to find the best ideas. Paragon’s data and results manager, Exiio®, holds all the scenarios played and provides a clear audit trail to each solution.

This approach evaluates hundreds more options than you could normally consider and so much better solutions are found. And because the process design is rigorously tested, when it is implemented it normally works first-time, avoiding remediation costs.

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Clients tell us that our most valuable contribution is the business process solution that normally saves them significant capital and operating costs. We also support rolling out the simulation model for continued use within your project team.

We work with a number of technologies including Lanner’s Witness simulation software and our own proprietary Exiio® system, which has been developed by our in-house team of simulation practitioners. We use a unique blend of business modelling techniques to maximise the value of these technologies.

Our work frequently reveals the unexpected and has created well over £500m of financial gains for our clients so far.  We’ve completed more than 500 major computer simulation assignments and the majority of our work is delivered within four weeks.

Our approach has been independently verified as amongst the best in class by leading computer simulation UK academics. Read our case studies to find out more about some of the projects we’ve successfully completed. Please contact us today if you would like to find out about how our approach to simulation can help your business.

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