Using simulation
to help you win tenders

In an increasingly competitive world, you need to be able to prove that you can deliver in order to win tenders. We work with a range of suppliers in the automotive, manufacturing and energy supply chains to help them design and implement solutions for their end clients.

Our digital twins and process simulation models help suppliers convince their end-clients that their solutions fully meet the requirements. Large corporations frequently require a high evidence threshold before they take on a new service or supplier to change a business-critical process; our predictive simulation analysis is used to provide you with the data you need to convert opportunities into sales.

We supply
more than just simulation

When we’re involved in this type of assignment we know our main focus is building a business case for your solution – it’s more than simply building a simulation model.

We understand how large corporates buy infrastructure projects. We apply this know-how to help you mitigate their business risks and disruption.

We appreciate the nuances of competitive tendering, and can help you to design a process solution to fit with your client’s budget. We know end-clients often change their requirements during the sales cycle, and so we’ve developed a unique approach to simulation that can quickly adapt to changing circumstances.

Reducing the cost
of simulation modelling

A process simulation normally pays for itself within the duration of the project. This is because the process solution is right-sized and works first time without remediation costs.  That kind of delivery will always strengthen your reputation and improve the morale of your team!

Providing the evidence for board-level decision-making using simulation analysis -is our core expertise and so you can be assured that you will benefit from using the latest and proven technology on your project. You can use us on an ‘as needed’ basis.  It’s like having your own in-house simulation expert, but without the need to incur significant costs in software, training and salary. We use best-in class technologies, such as Lanner’s Witness simulation modelling software and our own proprietary Exiio® system.

Shared risk
shared reward

We understand that participating in a lengthy procurement process is a significant and risky investment.

Consequently, we are prepared to consider a shared risk partnership arrangement with you, offering an initial lower cost base pre-contract, and a shared reward in the event of a successful outcome.

Predictive simulation saves time, money and energy, releasing you to focus on delivering successful outcomes for your clients.