Demand for predictive simulation set to rise

Demand for predictive simulation set to rise


Paragon Simulation experienced an increase in demand for simulation services in 2016, and is expecting to see more firms, particularly high-value manufacturers, invest in simulation analysis during 2017. Many organizations are under pressure to create incremental efficiency gains; simulation provides a cost-effective way for companies to assess the return on investment of these improvements prior to implementation.

Paragon Simulation Director Neil Higton said: “Predictive simulation can be used to model highly complex manufacturing processes and enable decision makers to see the outcomes of any changes before they commit to them.

“Simulation used to have a reputation for taking a long time to deliver. We can deliver simulation projects for our clients in around six weeks, as we are able to take advantage of a range of tools including our unique Exiio productivity system to examine the results of thousands of individual simulations. We can use these to make recommendations to our clients that frequently help them to achieve substantial cost savings.”

Paragon Simulation Director Vinod Bhatia added: “We use industry leading tools including Lanner’s Witness software and our own proprietary systems to deliver results. Although some of our clients already have in-house simulation services, companies hire us as we are able to bring cross-sector knowledge to our projects, which often means that we can bring new ways of thinking to solve a problem.”

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