Brexit increases urgency for uk factory upgrades

Brexit increases urgency for uk factory upgrades


Companies that rely on exports to the European Union will need to ensure that their goods are compliant with future EU regulations, even if they don’t apply to UK goods and services. With UK production facilities already under pressure to remain competitive, many companies will be looking for new ways to boost efficiency.

Paragon Simulation Director Neil Higton commented: “There is a real sense of urgency now for many manufacturers, as they will need to ensure that they can compete with companies that are members of the EU and that have free access to the single market, including compliance with EU regulations.

“UK based businesses will need to ensure that they are as efficient as possible in order to mitigate for the advantages that EU based competitors many have. This will involve making quick decisions about upgrading often highly complex production processes.

“Predictive simulation can be used across a number of sectors to help manufacturers become more productive, as it enables investment decisions about production facilities and infrastructure to be made more quickly. It also reduces risk, as businesses can see how their improvements will work before they implement them.”