Leaders in Computer Simulation

Leaders in
computer simulation

Leaders in
computer simulation

Paragon Simulation
Paragon Simulation was founded in 1992 in Birmingham, UK. We are one of the longest established computer simulation consultancies in the world.

Our goal is to make the complex understandable, so that business and manufacturing decisions can be made quickly and with confidence.  Since 1992 some of the world’s largest companies have trusted Paragon Simulation to guide their business, including Airbus, BAA, Bentley, Jaguar Land Rover, Nissan, Perkins, Ibstock Brick and Xerox.

By their nature our simulation analysis projects are highly sensitive, but some of our achievements to date have included:

  • Locating and sizing buffers in a confined assembly space for a car manufacturer, increasing throughput by 200 vehicles a week;
  • Right-sizing the number of work-centres in an engine machine-shop, saving £7m;
  • Applying single piece workflow (lean manufacturing) to reduce work in progress by 40%, with a corresponding improvement in quality;
  • Optimising buffer-capacity and line overspeed to save £11m in equipment and building costs for a new plant.

Please visit our case studies page to read more about some of the successes we have achieved for our clients.

Vinod Bhatia
Paragon Simulation Director

Vinod has over 30 years’ experience in technical analysis, IT development and business modelling and analytics. Vinod started his career in mathematical modelling at British Gas, before establishing a career with ITT World Directories in information technology management. He combined his technical expertise, and business know-how to establish Paragon Simulation as a service provider in 1992 as one of the founding directors.

Vinod is well-regarded for technical innovation, for developing techniques for the management and analysis of large volumes of data to create business intelligence, and for innovation in business analytics. A part of his role at Paragon Simulation has focused on the innovative application and integration of technologies, including developing Paragon’s scenario management system, Exiio®.

Vinod has delivered simulation and business solutions to Sellafield Ltd, Nexia Solutions, Yell, BBC, Friends Provident, Ibstock, Wedgwood, IMI, Motorola, FDI, London Transport, WBCSD, Wardell-Armstrong International (WAI) and Infinis.

Vinod has a degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Manchester.

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Neil Higton
Paragon Simulation Director

Neil has a 30-year track record in business modelling and analytics, having started his career in production management for Land Rover before establishing a career in simulation modelling with Lanner. He established Paragon Simulation as a service provider in 1992 as one of the founding directors. Neil has been responsible for delivering complex business models and analytics that have delivered ground-breaking commercial results.

Neil is passionate about creating meaningful, revealing and engaging information to help decision-makers find the best way to set-up and run their business critical processes. He has undertaken a number of projects including informing a new direction in business strategy at BNFL; increasing manufacturing efficiency at Jaguar Land Roverand Nissan; reshaping manufacturing strategy at Wedgwood to significantly reduce unit-cost and providing modelling analysis and business analytics to assist ThyssenKrupp persuade Airbus on new wing manufacturing strategies.

Neil has a degree in Manufacturing Engineering and Management from Loughborough University, and a Masters in Operational Research from the University of Birmingham.

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