hello, welcome to paragon!

If you've arrived here you're probably wondering what Paragon does ...
well in a nutshell we use predictive process-flow simulation to improve business performance

We work with your team to optimise and prove critical changes to your all-important business process

Normally there are significant challenges and complexities to be understood before the solutions come together.  Our goal is to make that complexity understandable so decisions can be made quicker

We do this using a process simulation to precisely predict the impact of change on the performance of your business process. Importantly we compare and rank the performance of hundreds of possible changes to uncover much better process solutions.  Armed with this information you can be confident you’re making the right decisions

 Our work frequently reveals the unexpected and has created well over £500m of financial gains so far.  We’ve completed more than 500 major assignments for over 50 clients.  Most of our work is delivered within six weeks

Our approach has been independently verified as among best-in-class by leading UK academics in the field of simulation