Predictive simulation to optimise business performance 

Paragon Simulation is one of the UK’s leading predictive simulation consultancies. We work with brands at the forefront of the automotive, aerospace, energy, financial and public sectors. From using manufacturing simulation to analyse major capital investment decisions, to predicting the flow of people for significant infrastructure developments, our work to date has delivered over £500 million of financial gains for our clients.

We work alongside both in-house computer simulation teams, and with business decision makers who are facing complex choices that will benefit from predictive process flowmodelling.

Applying multiple scenarios to complex business decisions

Our big data expertise means that we are adept at simulating multiple scenarios and understanding how to apply the results to complex business decisions. We evaluate many more future options than those using conventional simulation techniques, so you can be confident that our analysis provides you with a robustly developed solution.

We work with a number of technologies including Lanner’s Witness and our own proprietary Exiio® system, which has been developed by our in-house team of simulation practitioners. We use a unique blend of business modelling techniques to maximize the value of these technologies.

Using computer simulation to reveal the unexpected

Our work frequently reveals the unexpected and has created well over £500m of financial gains for our clients so far.  We’ve completed more than 500 major computer simulation assignments and the majority of our work is delivered within six weeks.

Our approach has been independently verified as amongst the best-in-class by leading computer simulation UK academics. Read our case studies to find out more about some of the projects we’ve successfully completed. Please contact us today if you would like to find out more about our business process simulation work.